Company Identity

Find a niche, and master it. That has been our motto since inception, and it has worked for us. We are known for our unique take on clothing and footwear which has made our customers also purveryors of all things fashion forward. Creating this company has been a long labor of love, and it has taken years of sweat and toil to get to where we are today. We began as a home business, run out of the garage, and we stayed there for the longest time. The reason being, of course, family commitments as well as having to juggle another job to keep this passion project going. Then came 2014. The year that changed it all for us. We were given a huge order to fulfill and we simply didn't have the resources to complete it and we had to seek out financial assistance, as well as rent out a space where we could create these garments. Taking on that business loan, actually helped us because we were able to structure the company as well as create a niche for ourselves.

Ever since then, there has been no looking back. We paid back the loan we took, we bought our own warehouse space, we have a separate production unit and we have been churning out our specialized products since 2016. Our company is about the grit, it is about hard work and determination. Everything we stand for is reflected in the products that we make. The people who buy our clothes and shoes are hardworking folk who believe in getting what they want by working towards it. The products espouse our identity more than anything or anyone else. This is one of the main reasons why we don't have brand ambassadors. We believe that our products are bigger than the representatives. So, welcome to the world of clothes and shoes made for those who want to fight for what they want and for what they believe in.